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Welcome, I’m Kelly – a wife, mother, and veteran with over 15 years of experience in coaching and teaching movement, all while actively competing in fitness. My years of active duty and competitive fitness lead to unhealthy muscles and joints. Yet, this is just one facet of my story.

In the midst of active duty, my family grew with the arrival of our second child. This season seemed to intensify physical ailments that became increasingly more observable in my body. The ensuing period was marked by discouragement, as I suffered from arthritis, sciatic pain, and repetitive injuries. These issues persisted for so long that they started to feel like my new normal, slowly pulling me away from the active lifestyle that had once defined me. While I continued to teach and train others, my own connection to wellness seemed lost.

It was during the pursuit of my master’s degree in Exercise Physiology that I had a pivotal shift. I stumbled upon something truly transformative: yoga. This practice became the cornerstone of my recovery, providing me with not only relief from the daily aches and pains that come with age and life but also a pathway back to the active life I once cherished.

This yoga practice was the first time I had a glimmer, a belief of possibility I could regain my love for movement; it was a lifeline. It nurtured not only my mind but also rebuilt strength and flexibility. The serenity and resilience I found on my yoga mat quickly became my sanctuary, helping me rediscover myself again.

Now, I’m on a mission to share this beautiful gift with others. I understand the unique challenges that women face, having experienced them myself – the demands of active duty, motherhood, and the pursuit of higher education, all while losing a piece of yourself in the chaos of life.

Through my own journey and transformation, I want to empower and hold space for others to find their sense of wholeness. My vision is clear: to help people discover just how good their bodies were meant to feel. 

Yoga is a gift available to all those seeking to feel stronger, improve energy, and balance emotions. I would be honored to come alongside side you on your journey as you dive deeper into the revitalizing power of yoga. 

I’m here to guide you – will you join me?


Kelly Skillern M.S., RYT 200, ACSM-EP

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