Class Descriptions

Magnolia Yoga has plenty to offer to deepen your practice.

Morning Vinyasa

Breath + Movement + Strong

Easing into a flow with a gentle morning warm-up. This creative sequence of movements is guided by the breath. You will leave class awakened and ready to enter the rest of your day with purpose and vitality.


Slow + Strong + Precision

Perfect for new yogi’s. Poses in this sequence are also found in Vinyasa however at a slower pace with added focus on alignment and cueing of breath.


Renew + Soothing Stretch + Rest

You will curate calmness and rest by relying on the use of common yoga props to support the body during restful poses and gentle stretches. You will leave your mat and return to your personal or professional life and everywhere in between with having achieved a pause and mindful rest, renewed your energy, and restored balance. 


Deep Stretch + Resiliency

Evening Yin is an unwinding class under candlelight with the purpose of achieving a deeper state of balance and release in both mind and body. Poses are held at longer durations to  achieve stillness, release of emotions, and release of physical tension.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy + Birth + Beyond

Magnolia 1:1 Prenatal Yoga prepares you for the demands of pregnancy, labor and motherhood. We focus on pelvic floor and core strengthening,  stamina for delivery and postpartum, alleviation of low back pain, and fatigue

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